What Do Babies Dream About?

Frequently, in his sleep, Dylan will smile broadly and start chuckling. He has yet to really laugh while awake, but he must be finding humor in his dreams.


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Deep Freeze

It’s way too cold to take the baby out for a walk this morning (-10) and Adrian had an early physical therapy appointment so Oliver isn’t getting a morning walk. Instead, he’s passing the time reading the New Yorker in the sunlight.


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Mouse Movements Made Manifest


Yesterday, Adrian pointed out to me that all of the mouse activity in our yard was visible under the snow. The little critters have been busy, and their thoroughfares are exposed by the slight hillocks of snow they’ve pushed up as they maneuver underneath it.

I love that, in this case, the snow reveals, rather than conceals, what goes on beneath it.

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Something for Everyone


Dylan hit the one month mark today and we all got presents.

I figured out our sling so D. got to be carried all afternoon. This boy likes to be rocked.


Adrian had physical therapy today and then joined a gym to get a pool membership and finally got to do something that made his legs feel good.

His early morning appointment meant I was in charge of the morning dog walk. Ollie found a huge deer carcass to drag around. Pure joy.


And I got not just one, but two walks in the snowy woods. Pretty good day.

Plus, I got a smile from this little man. That takes the cake.


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Same Same But Different

Same same but different. That was a familiar saying along the backpacker circuit in Southeast Asia when I was traveling a decade ago and it came back to me this afternoon.


Four weeks ago I was out in the woods with Oliver, feeling very pregnant and knowing that I’d be induced the next morning.

Today I was out in the woods with Oliver again. But this time I was carrying my baby on the outside. We took our first full family walk: Oliver slipping and sliding on the ice, Adrian hobbling on his crutches, and our little baby sleeping soundly against my chest.


Dylan Michael Hicks was born at 7:21pm on December 20th. His birth, a C-section after two days of induction and the doctor-on-call’s assessment that the baby wasn’t tolerating the contractions very well, was far from the natural, non-medicalized experience I was hoping for. But the result was a healthy beautiful baby, so I’m not dwelling on disappointment.



We, of course, think he’s remarkable. He scored a 9.9 on the Apgar Test, was already nursing on the operating table as they stitched me up, and had gained a half a pound over his birthweight when he was ten days old. And, best of all, he started smiled at two and a half weeks.

A prodigy, clearly.


Oliver doesn’t seem too bothered about the baby. He sniffs Dylan’s face now and then, and thinks the car seat was installed as his personal headrest, but is, for the most part, studiously ignoring the new addition.


We’re all doing well, adjusting to life as a family of four and enthusiastically watching Dylan’s personality emerge. What an adventure.





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Adrian and I got married on a cold and icy day five years ago. I ducked out of work a little early and we headed down to Charlotte Town Hall just before closing. Other than a few curious people who happened to be renewing dog licenses or paying town fees, it was just us and our Justice of the Peace and a town select board member who happened to be in the building and got roped in as a witness (and then admonished by the JP for not taking off his John Deere hat).

Like our wedding, our anniversaries have been quiet affairs, marked by a frigid walk in the woods with Ollie.

This year it was even more low-key than anticipated, since we thought we’d be getting to know our newest family member. But the baby has yet to make an appearance. Won’t be too long now, as I’m facing an induction in the morning. But for tonight we’ll try to relax and just enjoy our last child-free moments as a couple, thinking about five great years of marriage and the more than ten years since we first met on that beach in Thailand.

And here’s to all the adventures we have in store.

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Not Amusing


It was a frustrating early morning. I thought it would be great if Ollie and I could go for a walk and then get in the car and go home so I could go to work. Ollie thought it would be cool to find a partial carcass of a deer and drag it off into the woods to munch on it for a while. And then to play the fun game where I chase him deeper and deeper into the woods trying to get him on a leash while he just drags the treasure a few feet away in the dense underbrush.

At 40 and a half weeks pregnant, I was not in the mood for games. And I really wish I knew who dumped this butchered deer in a trash bag in the parking lot of our popular dog-walking trails in Bristol. It is legal to dump a deer after you’ve butchered it (providing it’s a legally caught deer in the first place) but it’s pretty damn rude to dump it where lots of people and dogs are going to be romping around.

At least Ollie thinks it’s the best thing that’s happened to him in months! Ever since the dead raccoon in the woods froze or was eaten by other animals, he hasn’t had a carcass to roll around with. So he spent most of the weekend running around with pieces of this deer, running up and down the trail with it and burying one quarter or another in the swamp. So one of us had a great weekend.


For my part, I enjoyed seeing several live deer and a couple of herons on our walks. And on Saturday night the elusive beaver slapped its tail in annoyance at us a few times, letting me know he’s still hanging in there!

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