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July 18 – The Common Wanderer

Originally posted on A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine – 2014:
Today was the last day that we would follow the Long Trail, before the Appalachian Trail turns east while the country’s first long distance trail…

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Things That Are Back:

Hummingbirds at our feeder. Jack-in-the-pulpits in the forest. Us. Our family traveled over to Wales last week. I’ll write more about the circumstances of our visit later, but it was amazing to see how quickly spring has progressed in our … Continue reading

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Today, a at the age of 35, I was able to cross an item off my childhood bucket list: I found an owl pellet. This is probably more gross than exciting to most people, but it fulfilled a lifelong desire … Continue reading

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It used to be that autumn was my favorite time of year. That bite in the air. Once I started cross country running in high school, the cool weather was a signal that it was time to run again. Plus, … Continue reading

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Eft Return

My favorite harbinger of spring, the red eft, has returned. I had my first sighting of the season on a little-used dirt road on a cold and chilly run this evening and stopped long enough to snap a picture. I … Continue reading

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Rejoice, for spring is nigh! I’ve been seeing so many photos of plucky flowers in my social media feeds and today I ventured back to our south-facing side and there they were: daffodils and tulips sprouting where the snow has … Continue reading

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The Greatest Adventure

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the blog. Mostly because my lens on the world has temporarily narrowed focus. I spend my days and nights with Dylan and I’m absolutely loving it. But I didn’t start this … Continue reading

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