What Do Babies Dream About?

Frequently, in his sleep, Dylan will smile broadly and start chuckling. He has yet to really laugh while awake, but he must be finding humor in his dreams.


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4 Responses to What Do Babies Dream About?

  1. Maybe he learned a sense of humor in utero … or is counting sheep and enjoying it.

  2. deenie galipeau says:

    What an adorable munchkin! There’s nothing better than a wee onein your life- and I am thankful that you’re sharing him here! I get my ‘fix’!



  3. Who knows what babies dream about, but you sure have a happy little fellow there! Thanks for sharing him with us! -Lee

  4. redheadvt says:

    I wonder if it is humor, exactly. Or maybe some other somatic source of pleasure. And isn’t it cool that we seem to be programmed from the beginning to feel pleasure, to enjoy, and to laugh! I still like to think of the Lindholm sense of humor coded in his DNA, however. Peter had that delight with the world from the start, too. Such a cute guy you have there! “Petit fils” is grandson in French.

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