Mouse Movements Made Manifest


Yesterday, Adrian pointed out to me that all of the mouse activity in our yard was visible under the snow. The little critters have been busy, and their thoroughfares are exposed by the slight hillocks of snow they’ve pushed up as they maneuver underneath it.

I love that, in this case, the snow reveals, rather than conceals, what goes on beneath it.

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3 Responses to Mouse Movements Made Manifest

  1. humanekt says:

    I always thought these were mole tunnels!

  2. Look up shrews instead, Jane. My experience is the mice are on top of the snow, the shrews under it. One give-away: Mice have longish tails, and their tracks show the tail dragging between the feet. Been featuring photos on the FB page ( Moles, I believe, will be under the soil for the the most part, so you won’t see their collapsed tunnels this way. Voles, I confess, I’m not knowledgeable about. — BK

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