Deep Freeze

It’s way too cold to take the baby out for a walk this morning (-10) and Adrian had an early physical therapy appointment so Oliver isn’t getting a morning walk. Instead, he’s passing the time reading the New Yorker in the sunlight.


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One Response to Deep Freeze

  1. woodstalker says:

    A baby that smiles at a bizarrely early age, a dog that reads the paper…what is in your water, Jane?
    Congrats on a remarkably beautiful and brilliant baby. Looks like you two are pretty comfortable with each other, and he has that look of love in his eyes…there is nothing to compare to that. My baby is 19, away at college, and I can still get that look from him. And it still melts my heart.
    Keep bundled up, the cold will eventually vanish, it is already getting dark noticeably later. Ollie will survive, albeit he may be a bit antsy, as are my pups, but this too shall pass. If I keep telling myself that, I may eventually believe it!

    Jane Schlossberg

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