Something for Everyone


Dylan hit the one month mark today and we all got presents.

I figured out our sling so D. got to be carried all afternoon. This boy likes to be rocked.


Adrian had physical therapy today and then joined a gym to get a pool membership and finally got to do something that made his legs feel good.

His early morning appointment meant I was in charge of the morning dog walk. Ollie found a huge deer carcass to drag around. Pure joy.


And I got not just one, but two walks in the snowy woods. Pretty good day.

Plus, I got a smile from this little man. That takes the cake.


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One Response to Something for Everyone

  1. deenie galipeau says:

    Dylan is adorable! The deer, not so much! Better check your dog for ticks tonight- the deer are great carriers and with the warmer weather last week, I’ve heard that the ticks a re around :( I saw my 9 week old niece today ( great niece) and how I love these SMiLEs!!! Enjoy each and every moment- even in those sleep deprived hours!



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