Same Same But Different

Same same but different. That was a familiar saying along the backpacker circuit in Southeast Asia when I was traveling a decade ago and it came back to me this afternoon.


Four weeks ago I was out in the woods with Oliver, feeling very pregnant and knowing that I’d be induced the next morning.

Today I was out in the woods with Oliver again. But this time I was carrying my baby on the outside. We took our first full family walk: Oliver slipping and sliding on the ice, Adrian hobbling on his crutches, and our little baby sleeping soundly against my chest.


Dylan Michael Hicks was born at 7:21pm on December 20th. His birth, a C-section after two days of induction and the doctor-on-call’s assessment that the baby wasn’t tolerating the contractions very well, was far from the natural, non-medicalized experience I was hoping for. But the result was a healthy beautiful baby, so I’m not dwelling on disappointment.



We, of course, think he’s remarkable. He scored a 9.9 on the Apgar Test, was already nursing on the operating table as they stitched me up, and had gained a half a pound over his birthweight when he was ten days old. And, best of all, he started smiled at two and a half weeks.

A prodigy, clearly.


Oliver doesn’t seem too bothered about the baby. He sniffs Dylan’s face now and then, and thinks the car seat was installed as his personal headrest, but is, for the most part, studiously ignoring the new addition.


We’re all doing well, adjusting to life as a family of four and enthusiastically watching Dylan’s personality emerge. What an adventure.





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12 Responses to Same Same But Different

  1. Pris says:

    What a cutie, Dylan! Glad all us well. Enjoy!

  2. John says:

    Jane, lovely comments and pics; best wishes for many joyous days and experiences in the future.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful pictures of a wonderful baby and parents. We have been thinking of you and wondering how all went. So glad you are all well and healthy.

  4. John Bayley says:

    congratulations been missing you on the radio

  5. Wonderful photos, and great to “see” you back on writing as well. What a marvelously expressive face Dylan has … Glad to know Ollie is adapting in his own style, too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s my grandson. Looks so smart!

  7. Ben says:

    Ah, what a difference a difference makes! Best wishes and congratulations…the start of what I trust will be a rich and joyous journey.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jane and Adrian, wonderful pictures. Thanks so much. Dylan is a lucky guy, (remember this when he inevitably tells you otherwise.) Peter and Marg

  9. Anonymous says:

    Our family is five months ahead of you and I recall these first days and weeks with blissful joy. Off now to Istanbul for 5 months to care for Ela as my daughter returns to her teaching post. Will find a way to listen to VT Edition from Turkey.

  10. Look at that face, that smile! There’s nothing like it!

  11. tfhetrick says:

    Congratulations! What a lovely foursome you make. Be happy.

  12. Congratulations! This is one little guy who will be well loved.

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