Not Amusing


It was a frustrating early morning. I thought it would be great if Ollie and I could go for a walk and then get in the car and go home so I could go to work. Ollie thought it would be cool to find a partial carcass of a deer and drag it off into the woods to munch on it for a while. And then to play the fun game where I chase him deeper and deeper into the woods trying to get him on a leash while he just drags the treasure a few feet away in the dense underbrush.

At 40 and a half weeks pregnant, I was not in the mood for games. And I really wish I knew who dumped this butchered deer in a trash bag in the parking lot of our popular dog-walking trails in Bristol. It is legal to dump a deer after you’ve butchered it (providing it’s a legally caught deer in the first place) but it’s pretty damn rude to dump it where lots of people and dogs are going to be romping around.

At least Ollie thinks it’s the best thing that’s happened to him in months! Ever since the dead raccoon in the woods froze or was eaten by other animals, he hasn’t had a carcass to roll around with. So he spent most of the weekend running around with pieces of this deer, running up and down the trail with it and burying one quarter or another in the swamp. So one of us had a great weekend.


For my part, I enjoyed seeing several live deer and a couple of herons on our walks. And on Saturday night the elusive beaver slapped its tail in annoyance at us a few times, letting me know he’s still hanging in there!

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10 Responses to Not Amusing

  1. There is a theory that vigorous exercise will help bring on labor … maybe Ollie was trying to be helpful? If so, I hope his actions were effective!

  2. redheadvt says:

    Reminds me of Homer’s (RIP) various carnivorous adventures. And yes, I walked the golf course trail every single day the two weeks before Peter was born. Not sure it helped! xo

  3. woodstalker says:

    Not fun, even when not pregnant, the old” Look what Ive got isn’t it the best thing in the world oh come look but I dare you to try to take it from me, this is fun, I get to be chased and have a smelly deer leg, yahoo…”. But, I must admit it can be almost funny when you are not imminently about to give birth to your first baby while in the woods! Oh, what will Ollie do when he’s no longer top banana! I suspect he will be very curious and doting. Meanwhile, I imagine that you will soon have a bouncing baby and not have much time to write these wonderful stories, we all wish you the best and anxiously await news from you again. I am excited beyond words for you.

  4. deenie galipeau says:

    Oh my God!!!! AND SO pregnant too!!!!!!! My Lab did that once and I was so livid!!!!! But I wasn’t pregnant and in need of catching him to release!!!! GO have that baby!!!! Quick!!!!! I love reading your posts!



  5. Danielle McKeon says:

    All I know is you already have the patience of a saint. Motherhood will be a breeze for you. Bring on 5 kids.

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