6:30am, My House, Every Morning


The pose says, “Oh, good morning. You’re up? We didn’t wake you with our nudging and whining, did we? Well, now that you’re up… Do what you need to do. Pee, put on some clothes, whatever. We’re just chillaxing.”

But take one step towards the stairs and it’s a canine stampede!!

(That’s Ollie and Rocco, my family’s dog, who we’ve been taking care of for a few weeks.)

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4 Responses to 6:30am, My House, Every Morning

  1. Greg says:

    Oh no!! Double Trouble! – a playmate/companion for Ollie. And you know they’re talking about you behind your back, don’t you? ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, your GSP whines early in the morning, too? I thought my two girls had the patent on that!

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