Marathon in the Books

I’m happy to report that David finished his marathon in 3:22:30, well under his goal of three and a half hours. In fact, he writes in a family email:

I had decided in advance to go out at exactly that pace for 15 miles before adjusting, even if I felt great (because I didn’t want to go out too fast and use all my energy), so I did my first 13.1 in 1:43:37, which was 7:55 pace. I felt totally fine at that point, so I started picking up the pace, and even had enough gas in the tank to push pretty hard at the end. I think my last two miles were probably my fastest of the whole race. I did the second 13.1 in 1:38:53, almost five minutes faster than my first half, and about 7:33 pace (7:44 for the whole 26.2).

Way to go David!!

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One Response to Marathon in the Books

  1. vttrailgirl says:

    Way to go, David. Fast guy!

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