Corn Shame

Vermont Cornfield

A while back I posted a self-congratulatory couple of paragraphs about how I will only eat corn that is fresh out of the field that day, which means that I can only eat it for about three weeks every summer.

Last night Adrian brought home some local corn and it was delicious. But he’s been getting on my case about how I’ve always said I will ONLY eat fresh corn, how it’s not worth getting out of season, how I would never stoop so low as to buy commercial corn, blah blah blah.

So I feel like I should come clean. I’ve been eating corn out of season. I’m blaming it on the pregnancy, since I’ve been anti-unfresh corn for 34 years. But I’ve discovered that a craving for corn on the cob cannot be denied. So while I stand by the assertion that only super-fresh corn is really worth eating, I do need to admit that I’ve been eating corn for about a month and a half now, from wherever I can get it.

Don’t judge me too harshly, please.


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5 Responses to Corn Shame

  1. Ben says:


    You love story telling, sweet corn, and public radio…so it is likely that you would enjoy a lovely little piece Garrison Keillor did a while back entitled “Ode To Sweet Corn.” I play it any time I wish to be nostalgic for my Midwestern summers at home with the folks and dad’s big garden. Listen to it and our Sundays are described perfectly. If you have a minute’s difficulty locating it (you won’t) whistle…


  2. Considering how challenged this year’s Vermont corn harvest looks to be, it’s a good thing you’re lowering your standards a bit!

  3. We buy extra corn to blanch and freeze – it is sweet, delicious and available any time. Maybe you could have the best of both worlds that way. I share your corn policy but I apply it to strawberries!

  4. PS MacMurray says:

    Flexibility is a great quality… and that little guy or gal in you is learning to have broad tastes and views already!

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