Rodent in the Roof

Well, I’m finally getting to experience one of the rites of passage in rural homeownership: mice in the walls. At least, I hope they’re mice and not squirrels or raccoons.

Actually, what I’d really like to hope is that it’s just one tiny mouse who lost his way and ended up under our roof and is only scrambling around to try to find a way out, so he can warn his buddies not to come in, that it’s way better out in the fields.

Alas, I think that’s a delusion. Still, I lie in bed, an insomniac, staring up at where the scratching noise is coming from in the ceiling, wishing I could will the rodent away with the power of my laser vision.

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5 Responses to Rodent in the Roof

  1. Greg says:

    “Just one tiny mouse who lost its way” might be true but is at least as likely to be wishful thinking. ‘Tis the season and they’re getting in someplace, into your basement if you have one or under your siding — perhaps at a cornerboard where there may be a chaseway you haven’t considered. Wishful thinking is less work but increases the possibility that eventually you and your hubby will go crazy from the scratching nosies at night and do something impulsive or insane like schedule a weekend getaway. Or you could try to figure out how they’re getting in before you have dozens or hundreds of the litte buggers living under your roof but not paying rent. I’d also suggest getting a cat but poor Ollie might have issues. Please exercise caution with your laser vision, especially with oncoming traffic at night. ;-)

    • It’s true, getting a cat would probably give Ollie a major complex. But I think we’re going to have to do some scoping to figure out where they’re coming from and plug the gap. I grew up with mice in East Middlebury and I’d rather not live with them again!

    • You had your share of mice in E. Middlebury. When I visited there was one in the couch[dead]. Surely one who simply scampers on the roof doesn’t upset you. Send Adrian up there with a broom and shoo him[her] away.
      Old Jane

      • Hi Grandma!! Unfortunately, I think the mouse is under the roof, between the roof and our bedroom ceiling! But you’re right, I certainly have enough experience living with mice not to be too upset by one little critter in the walls. I just hope he doesn’t call his friends.

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