The Dog Whimperer

We need the dog whisperer to help me out with our little dog whimperer.


A few months ago, Ollie stole a toy from my parents’ dogs. One of those Audubon birds that squeak species-specific calls. He loved it. Until he chewed the squeak right out of it.

So last weekend, Adrian bought him a new one. A tufted titmouse with a pouffy little crest and baby-blue back.


Ollie is in love with it. I think. He’s a little strange around it. He carries the bird around gingerly and whimpers constantly. We can’t figure out what he’s thinking. Does he think it’s alive? Does he sense that it’s small and vulnerable? Sometimes he whimpers when he wants to bury something, but that doesn’t seem to be his motivation with this little critter. So what’s the deal? The rest of his toys still get the business but for the titmouse it’s special treatment.


Anyone know how I can learn to speak dog so I can figure out what all this bizarre behavior is all about?

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One Response to The Dog Whimperer

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Do you think he imagines that it’s alive but wounded, because it cheeps but it doesn’t fly away)? And he wants you to nurse it better?? (If so, good luck with that!! :)

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