Adios Old Corolla

Momentous day today. I said goodbye to my first car.

It was pretty unceremonious, actually. I didn’t even remember it was going until I got home and it was gone.

We donated it to Good News Garage, an organization that rehabs old cars and gives them to families who could really use them. (Although this car may be so far gone that they just sell it for scrap metal.)

But this was the first car I ever owned. And it lasted me nearly ten good years. It was my grandfather’s car first. Well, it was actually someone else’s car very first and then my grandfather Milton bought it. It was a bottom of the line ’97 Toyota corolla–no power locks, no power windows, not even a tape player.

My father thought my grandfather should have a nicer car. He was, after all, nearly 90 when he bought it and my father thought he ought to spend a little dough and get himself a decent car. So my dad offered to buy it off him.

Grampa agreed, but it ever after seemed he had done so under duress. He never failed to ask me how the little car was doing, or to point out that my father had “made” him sell it.

I’m seriously grateful to my dad and stepmom though for the gift. That car was great. It went all the way to LA and proved itself to be a terrific city car: compact and relatively efficient, and just crummy enough to be not worth stealing. It came back with me from LA too. Adrian and I pushed it to climb the Rockies and it certainly complained, but it made it!

It hit 200,000 miles this year. We might have been able to keep it going a few more months or even another year or two, but there were finally so many problems that it wasn’t financially sound to keep it running.

So we sent it off for what we hope is a new life today. And I bought a car this past weekend to replace it. My first purchase on my own. Yes, I’m 33 and this is the first time I’ve bought my own car. It’s second-hand, of course. A little Subaru that should be able to handle our dirt road in the winter.

If it’s half as good as the little blue corolla I’ll be happy!

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3 Responses to Adios Old Corolla

  1. Karl says:

    How about a picture of the little (mostly) blue Corolla?

  2. Deb says:

    I noticed that car was missing from the driveway the other day. I don’t even know why I noticed. Glad it want to a good cause. My first car was a white Toyota Camry, bought off my parents for one dollar….drove it cross-country and back and loved it for years until it stopped dead in the middle of Raritan Bridge on the Garden State Parkway during rush hour. And yes, you made the right decision to get the second-hand Subaru for our road….note how many second-hand Subies are in OUR driveway!!

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