On the Road Again

I finally found my euphoria today. The king of feeling that makes traveling alone so wonderful.


I was relieved to find, upon renting a car for the next leg of my trip, that driving stick shift again after a long absence is like riding a bike.

I love driving. When I was so achingly lonely my first year back in Vermont, I used to get in my car on winter weekends and drive aimlessly for hours, just to get out of my frigid apartment.

This driving is much more fun. I’ve got a zippy little skoda, an “Iceland” playlist full of upbeat but contemplative music with a sprinkling of Bjork and Sigur Ros, and incredible scenery out both windows no matter where I go. What could be better?

I set off from Akureyri this morning, headed towards the lake known as Myvatn, with a detour to Laufas to see some old fashioned turf houses.


(So glad we don’t cook like this anymore.)

The waterfall known as God Falls, Godafoss, is just off the main road and is quite a sight! As you can see below, it’s possible to scramble all around it.



Then, finally, the day’s main attraction: Myvatn. Of all the incredible sights I’ve gaped at so far in Iceland, Myvatn is the most inspiring. I love it here. I’d like to bring Adrian back and go camping for a week.



The circumference of the lake, via road, is just over 26 miles, so they now have a marathon each year. It would be an awesome one to run–nice and flat. But I imagine it’s hard to PR, too much distracting scenery!

I also visited Detifoss and Selfoss today. I know, more waterfalls. But Detifoss is the tallest waterfall in Europe and it’s pretty awe-inspiring!



Detifoss is the first picture. The second photo is a touch of Icelandic humor at Selfoss.

People get closer to the falls here than I would ever dare. With all that mist, the rocks are really slippery.

Finally, after wandering around the waterfalls, ridges, and bizarre Rick formations in the area, I had a nice soak in the Myvatn Nature Baths, a steamy byproduct of the silica-filled water from the local hydrothermal plant. What luxury!



Then a sunset ride back to my hotel.


Pretty great day!!

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7 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Beth Kanell says:

    It seems like a land to connect with if you love water (I know, that sounds a bit odd). What wonderful images — thanks for sharing them.

  2. Greg says:

    Didn’t know there were near-rivals to Victoria Falls in Iceland. Cool. Plus green-design grass-roofed houses are slowly making a comeback. That’s what happens with good ideas. But, hmmm, maybe not those old kitchen “appliances”. Iceland just got pushed a notch or two higher on my list for when I semi-retire thanks to you and your proficient pics and narrative! And we’re not grinding those gears nor smelling the clutch, I gather, nor stalling out nor jerk-jerk-jerk. Excellent. Don’t get me started about re-learning stick-shift driving in the middle of an East German winter…

  3. Now I want to go to Iceland. Or rather, once again that old yearning to go to Iceland has been rekindled. Thank you!

  4. Jane, it looks like you’ve had great weather. What do folks there say about that? Are blue skies common in late July / early August? When I was in Reykjavik in October there was a lot of cold, horizontal rain…..

  5. Velkomin til Íslands
    The “No photos” sign is most likely an artifact from the Prometheus shoot. True North is a movie location company and Dettifoss was a location for scenes in the movie. If you have seen the movie and Dettifoss you know what scene it was.

    Congratulations on a great blog. All the best :)

    • Ahhh! Thanks for the info Eirikur!

      I was baffled by the sign at first but then figured it must be a joke because so many tourists come and snap photos there.

      I haven’t seen the movie. But I will when I get home!

      Let me know anything else you can think of that I got wrong (or only half right)!

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