It Really Doesn’t Get Dark

Oh, one other thing: it really doesn’t get dark here. In Reykjavik there were a few hours of darkness. But last night I was up late. I took a photo at 1am of the western horizon. Still light, though it was dark enough overhead to warrant street lights, just.


By the time I finally started to try to get to sleep at 2am, it was getting light again! I had kind of wanted to experience that, and I definitely did: this room has no thick window shade so I woke up every hour, my brain interpreting the light as a signal to get up. Needless to say, I’m hoping my exhaustion will lead to a better night’s sleep tonight.

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One Response to It Really Doesn’t Get Dark

  1. Greg says:

    Both of my maternal grandparents were Scandinavian. I remember them telling me as a boy how they could read the newspaper by natural daylight in the middle of the summer, um, “night”. Hope you got some sleep. (speaking of which…)

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