An Unprotected Nest


Adrian found this little nest of what we assume are turtle eggs a couple of weeks ago. It’s right on the bank of a pond that Ollie likes to go hunting for frogs in.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the nest, checking every couple of days. And I’m afraid the outlook may not be good for the little nestlings. A week ago I noticed that one of the eggs is dented in. And with the sun able to shine down on them I’m wondering if they’ve just dried out.

Anyone out there with more turtle knowledge than I have able to shed a little light on what these eggs might be and if they’re likely to survive?


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4 Responses to An Unprotected Nest

  1. Kent says:

    They have to be underground in a covered nest. These must have been tampered with by a predator or the female left early before covering it up for some reason.

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    No turtle knowledge at all, I’m afraid. I wonder if covering them with moss, and keeping it damp, would give them a better chance?

  3. Well, you cared enough to seek answers and this is what matters. We recently came face to face with a snapping turtle near our driveway. She was laying eggs, but a bit too close to the road for our taste. We did not want to disturb her nest, so we used large rocks to make a sort of barrier on the side of it that is closest to the road… and crossed our fingers!

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