That Old Scape Magic

Cut the scapes off the garlic plants in the garden last night. I love their crazy coils and curls. Seems a shame almost to chop them up. Almost. The taste of fresh scape pesto removes any aesthetic hesitations.


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3 Responses to That Old Scape Magic

  1. David Weinstock says:

    Never one to miss an opportunity, Google attached an ad for garlic scapes to the email announcing your blog post on that topic. We’re all connected now! P.S. Don’t you think that photo of Alison Bechdel looks uncannily like Ira Glass?

  2. Emily says:

    i am drowning in CSA scapes. aside from cutting one up and throwing in with general stir fries, mixes, etc., do you have a good recipe for a massive amount of garlic scapes, like a whole tangle?
    trying to reclaim my veggie drawer,

    • Em, my favorite is to make pesto out of them! I took 20 scapes and threw them in a blender with some lemon, pine nuts, basil, and parmesan (and salt and pepper). After whirring for a while I added some good lemon-infused EVOO and blended some more. It’s pretty garlicky, but way tasty. Last year I did it with cilantro instead of basil.

      I transferred the pesto to my ice cube trays and froze individual servings that way. They’re now in bags in my freezer, waiting for pasta weather in the fall!

      Let me know if you find other good recipes–I’ll be curious! You could also try turning them into a garlic soup of some sort.

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