Found in the Forest

A turtle!


A broken robin’s egg. I’m hoping the little nestling had already hatched.


An unwelcome companion.


A mysterious animal that I spotted through the trees that was either a fox or a bobcat. I didn’t get a picture of that.

And some beautiful light.




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3 Responses to Found in the Forest

  1. I’m beginning to love your dog! Fine leaf photos! How did you capture that mosquito? What camera are you using?

    • Thanks Michael! We definitely think Ollie is pretty special, but sometimes I think we’re just those obnoxious people who inflict dog photos on everyone else.

      When I’m out walking with Ollie, these days I’m mostly using my iPhone to snap photos. It means I miss some things–no zoom, obviously, and I have a better macro on some of my other cameras. But when I’m romping around and otherwise wouldn’t have ANY camera, I’ve found it works great! I often post photos on the photo sharing site Instagram, which allows you to add easy filters. So a lot of the photos on the blog have been “edited” using Instagram.

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