The Proof is in the Rhubarb

We had a flash flood this afternoon. It inundated our garage and washed out our driveway. It rained for all of 20 minutes, maximum, but it was a powerful storm.

We’ll have to regrade the driveway but we probably needed to do that anyway. And hey, we’d been saying we needed to finish unpacking all the boxes we still had in the garage from the move. We hadn’t anticipated having to unpack dozens of them at once, madly rushing to keep as many things dry as possible. But flooding is a good incentive.

The only true casualties were several books and a couple of irreplaceable scrapbooks from my college days. That’s sad. But it was my own fault that I’d left the boxes in the garage.

Anyway, the storm. Right now it sounds like we live next to a river. (We don’t.) The entire yard of a house up the road is under water. And our rhubarb has revealed that we also got hail. All the leaves have tiny holes.


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3 Responses to The Proof is in the Rhubarb

  1. humanekt says:

    Oy…. so sorry about your books, Jane. I remember the same kind of intense flooding here in Saxtons River last May. The end of my driveway pretty much disappeared off the map in one crazy thunder storm. Fortunately, no other material loss. Hope you get things sorted out soon!

  2. Definitely a shame about the water damage — lots of sympathy from here, too. As for the rhubarb, those holes are good evidence! Hope it will push forward and thrive anyway (as do we).

  3. Deb says:

    It most definitely hailed. It was bouncing off the trampoline like a popcorn popper! Sorry about the books and scrapbooks. Flooding is scary that way….you don’t usually think of water as being so…insidious…

    Of course, the kids went into my bedroom to unplug my laptop before the storm, but did they notice that the window was open??? Naaaa….

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