How the Garden Grows

The garden is well on its way! At least, the parts of it that don’t require much work. We’re planning to start our seeds in our little planters tomorrow, which may be a little late, but the garlic I planted last fall seems to be doing quite well. And our rhubarb is thriving, despite a little frost bite in its earliest leaves.

Here’s what the rhubarb looked like just a couple of weeks ago:


Here’s what it looks like today:



Soon, it will look like pie.

The garlic is growing by leaps and bounds too:


And now:


And, finally, the mint over by the garage is already unfurling in fragrant splendor! As we did some weeding and tidying in the yard and garden this afternoon, the wonderful smell of mint kept wafting our way whenever we accidentally crushed a sprig!


Ahh, I love spring.

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One Response to How the Garden Grows

  1. Beth Kanell says:

    Fantastic! But you really do live in a different gardening zone from the Kingdom … our rhubarb is barely an inch tall so far. Altitude must play a factor, as we are at 1200 ft. Very encouraging to see your plants looking gorgeous.

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