Best Moment of the Weekend

Stepping out on Saturday morning to the Bristol Waterworks, near our house, where we walk with Ollie on the weekends, I snapped this photo of the reservoir in the bright clear morning light.

It was the best moment of the weekend!

The walk was truncated, however.  It’s muzzle loader season for deer in Vermont.  I thought the land right around the reservoir was off limits for hunting, but apparently not.  In our loop around the pond we ran into two hunters.  Ollie was terrified and barked loud enough to wake the dead, effectively scaring off any deer in the vicinity.  The hunters were magnanimous.  But that was the end of our walk in those particular woods.  One of the hunters told me he alone knew of seven other hunters in the area.  Ollie and I were both in orange, but it didn’t seem particularly safe for us or fair to the hunters to continue, so we skipped around the reservoir and took off for posted land in Middlebury.

The TAM, the Trail Around Middlebury, is a great place for a muddy walk with the dog.  It was where we spotted red efts by the dozens this summer.  We didn’t spot anything of interest this time, but the scenery was enjoyable, and Ollie had a little adrenaline rush when we crossed the suspension bridge over the falls.

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One Response to Best Moment of the Weekend

  1. Grammie says:

    Nice pictures, Jane! Stay safely away just now
    , though, both you and Ollie.

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