Milkweed on the Wind

Two days ago I walked
the empty woods, bent over,
crunching through oak leaves,
asking myself questions
without answers. From somewhere
a froth of seeds drifted by touched
with gold in the last light
of a lost day, going with
the wind as they always did.

-From “Milkweed” by Philip Levine

I’ve written about milkweed before and the important role the plant plays in the ecosystem, especially for monarch butterflies.  It’s right now, in the dying days of fall, that I love seeing the milkweed.  I could live in Philip Levine’s words, watching the spores drift off on their silken parachutes as I crunch through the woods.

In fact, I’m going to duck out right now, pick up Ollie early from “doggie daycare” and go for a walk in the woods.  It won’t be long before snow covers the ground and the milkweed is gone, so I think I’ll take advantage of the mild weather while I have it and go ask myself some questions without answers.


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4 Responses to Milkweed on the Wind

  1. Karl says:

    Lovely, Jane. No wisecrack today.
    “Karl from Cornwall”

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