Our New Trail


Since we moved to the new house we’ve been looking for new trails to walk Ollie on that are a little bit closer than our old home, 15 minutes north.  Given Ollie’s unflagging desire to pull on the leash, discovering a close spot to let him run has been a priority.

While we still head over to our old stomping grounds several times a week, we’ve now found these trails just four miles from home, in a spot known as “The Waterworks” in Bristol.

There's a map of all the routes at the trailhead.

Once out of the car, you pretty much only see Ollie's behind for the rest of the walk. He MUST be out ahead.

Though he will, occasionally, pause for a moment if you're taking too long with the camera to follow along the trail at an acceptable (to him) pace.

This was one of the reservoirs that used to provide water to Vergennes from the 1930s to the 1970s, according to the Vermont Land Trust.

A little bit of the infrastructure of the eponymous Waterworks still exists.

It's a lovely trail, with lots of trees and dappled sunlight.

And, at this time of year, a forest floor blanketed with leaves.

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7 Responses to Our New Trail

  1. ailsapm says:

    Love that last photo.

  2. free7one says:

    Wow. I’ve only been in a forest on the east coast once, in Pennsylvania. It was brief, only for a minute. And, oh! How I wanted to stay and explore. A flat, deciduous forest like that is the complete opposite of the woods here in Oregon. Both types are beautiful, but it is the unknown that draws me to such a forest as this.

    • Funny, I wouldn’t think of Vermont’s forests as flat! We’re pretty hilly here, but it’s true that that spot is rather flat. And our old mountains are definitely smaller than those out in your area! Hope you get a chance to come back and explore soon.

  3. Danielle McKeon says:

    The last photo looks almost like a water color. Just amazing.

  4. Your trails are quite different than the trails Bongo and I walk on in Arizona. How fun to see the different scenery.

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